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About Us
????? Bao Hongyuan company was founded in 1994,. At that time, it was a small processing workshop only possessing two lathes. Through strenuous efforts and rolling, till 1997 it developed into a small company with lathes, presses, shears, welding machines and other over 20 equipment. After nearly 4 years of development, Tianjin Bao Hongyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was finally officially established in 2001 and moved to Baodi Economic Development Zone, with two machine workshop and a welding workshop. In order to meet requirement of customer increase and business expansion the company expanded the factory district in 2003, ...【more】
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Enterprise culture

Mission: To create a great undertaking and develop steady.
Vision: To be a pioneer in the industry.
Business theory: Honor-lived,products-guided,quality-based,and service-pledged.
Development strategy: To develop in multi-way simultaneously,and work in groups.
Spirit: Based on Integrity, Innovation for Further Development.
Ideology of talent:Stess on integrity and ability, and display talent fully.
Working style: Passionate in jobs, and vigorous and resolute.
Service concept: Take customers's requirements as our goals.
Quality concept: Take the quality of products as our lives.

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President's Speech

    Bao Hongyuan company's leading products are ship outfitting and engineering machinery accessories. The ship outfitting includes pulleys, pulley frame assembly, hatch wheel assembly, wheel assembly, gear box, gear hand, and the supporting ball bearings, all kinds of blinds,fairleads, anchors, etc....

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